The State of Email Marketing [Infographic]

As the world’s eye looks forward to social technologies, sometimes its easy to forget the workhorses that got us to today.  One of those is email, the understated powerhouse of web communications.  For marketers, email has always been one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers.  The direct link emphasizes a personal relationship, and clickthrough rates have always been surprisingly high.  A recent infographic lists a few surprising statistics about email marketing today.

Here are a few interesting statistics from the infographic:

  • 83% of people check email first on a business day
  • 72% check 6 or more times per day (I’m in this camp, no doubt)
  • 88% of people surveyed check their email via a mobile device
  • 63% of those people check at least once a day

Check out the rest below and let us know what you think.