The State of Colorado Needs a ‘Marijuana Communication Specialist’


Yes, you read that right. For the third time.

This morning we learned–thanks to Chad Pollitt of Relevance–that the challenges arising from Colorado’s recent decision to legalize certain previously forbidden herbs include a pressing need for PR assistance.

How does one qualify for said position? And what responsibilities does it entail?

Those are, like, good questions…

First, note the “$3,834.00 – $5,475.00” salary range–and never let anyone tell you that drugs don’t pay well.

Now, about those specifics:

“This position works collaboratively with the Communications Unit, Marijuana Prevention Systems Coordinator, Marijuana Prevention Program Coordinator, and external marijuana subject matter experts to develop, implement and coordinate paid, earned and social media communications for the State’s marijuana prevention and awareness efforts.”

“Prevention” seems to be the key word here. Essentially, it’s an ongoing PSA program designed to teach the public how to use the stuff responsibly (now that it’s legal and all) with the ultimate goal of raising awareness in order to prevent abuse.

Think about it: rather than the usual “Just Say No” and forget it strategy, the lucky individual who scores this gig will be using “website maintenance, design creation, message development and communication dissemination (newsletter, fact sheet, report, etc.)” to help reduce the number of Maureen Dowd-level freakouts in Colorado by giving the public the very advice Dowd’s “cannabis tour guide” now claims to have given her: don’t eat the whole thing at once!

Fortunately, job requirements do not include an insider’s knowledge of the barely-discernible differences between reggae sub-genres. Unfortunately, the call for applications closes today–so get on it unless you have more important things to do.

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