The Starchitect Route Is Paved In Europe


Following on the heels of that Forbes article we were talking about the other day, Newsweek is giving it the topic of Starchitects their own treatment, but giving it a more “North America Vs. Europe” slant, in this article, “The Best Architecture.” It’s not so much about competition between the continents, as it is saying that it’s easier to become a big shot in the industry in Europe than it is here in the states. Well, not easier, but there’s a better chance of success.

The talent and experience these architects bring to global clients have been honed at home, thanks to the enormous investment Europe has made, and continues to make, in its infrastructure. From airports and train stations (the new Barajas Terminal in Madrid by Rogers or London’s Waterloo Station by Nicholas Grimshaw), to bridges (a number of them lyrically engineered by Santiago Calatrava), to cultural centers (Renzo Piano’s Parco della Musica in Rome or Nouvel‘s new Musee du Quai Branly in Paris), the governments of the EU often embrace radical design in a way that’s unimaginable in many parts of the world.