The Sport the World Forgot

We’re writing this on Monday night because we’re one of only three people in America right now who want to go watch the final game of the Stanley Cup (Hi, Dave! Go Oilers!). So in the spirit of that (and so we don’t have to write something first thing in the morning because we’ll be either happy and hungover or upset and hungover), we thought we’d go back and revisit something from the start of the season that nobody was talking about much (see, again: lack of interest): the re-design of the NHL logo. You knew it was redesigned, right? You remember the old one, right? We’re still a little miffed, like we have been all year long with these constant redesigns of logos that were beautiful begin with, and the NHL’s change is no different. Instead of confident and strong, the logo now looks like a police badge. It’s not horrible, certainly not, but we still feel like it lacks the charm of the original. And with that, we’re going to go and look at it for hours on end on the tv. See our commitment? We rant, then we succumb.

Update: Boo onto you Carolina! Boo! Boo!