The SPJ Thinks 300 Of You Will Be Fired This Year

The Society for Professional Journalists’ board convened over the weekend and approved an operating budget of $1.6 million, based on revenue from 8,200 members as well as revenue from non-membership sources.
Membership in the SPJ right now is at 8,500 or so. That means that 300 SPJ members will not renew their memberships this year: either they’re leaving the profession (by choice or by force) or they’re, er, expiring.
SPJ members make up a fraction of the larger body of journalists as a whole, but it may be worth extrapolating: if 3.5% of SPJ journos lose their jobs, will that number hold true for the larger population?
Also of note: the Quill magazine that members get will be printed only six times a year instead of nine, saving the organization $40,000.