The Sought-After Social Media Skills In Journalism

Today’s “Ask the Recruiter” column at offers some interesting insights into the social media skills that media outlets want in employees. What’s especially skillful about sounding off on Twitter? Well, editors and other execs are looking for abilities that go beyond indulging in idle banter. You should know how to distinguish yourself and your employer on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere, and also how to use such tools to inform your journalism. And don’t get hung up on the details of the particular platforms you use — think bigger.

At Gannett Digital, Director of Content Mackenzie Warren agreed that social media job qualifications are not about specific tools, which change all the time, but about a philosophy and an understanding.

“More and more journalists are finding the sources and stories right off the bat by being able to use Twitter or Facebook and being able to build that relationship with sources or being able to find what topics are trending,” Warren said by phone.

Poynter’s Joe Grimm also provides “6 Ways to Raise Your Social Media IQ.” If you have a job using social media for journalistic purposes, let us know — which skills have proved key to your success?