The Sopranos Ending: The Fans React


So the critics almost universally blasted the anti-climactic ending of The Sopranos, but how did the fans respond? Allow us to take you on a quick trip along the network’s message boards. (Spoiler alert: David Chase should watch his back.)

  • Like everyone else I thought my DirectTV went down and I almost threw my remote at it!!
  • Basically nothing felt right in the entire episode including the fade to black ending.
  • If this is classic David Chase style, you can bet I will never watch anything else he puts his name to; I don’t want to be let down again.
  • No the old episodes are great, it’s the ending that sucks. I want Chase’s ending, not everyone else’s. I guess they ran out of money.

    Then again, maybe Chase could hire these two as bodyguards:

  • Thank You, David Chase I personally thought the ending
    was classic. You allowed the viewers to draw their own conclusions at the end.

  • The Sopranos as a series was brilliant. This ending was most aptly described PERFECTLY as being on the edge of climax and having ones partner just disappear at the absolute worst possible moment.