The Social World is About to Get a Whole Lot More Mobile

Yahoo might be in some finical problems, but man can they set the world on fire when they need to. I follow everything Yahoo because I have been using the service since I discovered the internet over a decade ago.

Yahoo has been putting a great deal of muscle behind its mobile division and they have a good product in their Yahoo Go mobile application. Yahoo announced today that they will be launching a new service called Yahoo oneConnect. My heart fluttered.

Basically oneConnect is going to borrow the Yahoo Go platform and create one mobile application that allows you to seamlessly integrate social networks with your mobile phone. I know what your saying, “I already have a mobile application for ____.” Yahoo oneConnect will be different.

After using the Go application I can say that the platform is pretty sturdy. Go creates nice visuals and allows for network intergeneration from my mobile; always a plus. OneConnect plans to intergrate the following social networks into a mobile platform; Bebo, Friendster, MySpace, Dopplr, hi5, Twitter, Facebook,, Flickr, and LinkedIn.

The thing that amazes me is that Yahoo is making all of this into a mobile application. If Yahoo can integrate all these applications to my mobile and to my Yahoo contacts I will be able to stay up to date with all of my social network contacts IN ONE PLACE. I can’t even do that on my laptop, let alone my smartphone.

All of these integrations will be covered in the PULSE section of the oneConect application. To be honest it sounds like Yahoo might have a ‘Killer App’ here. I really can’t see someone who is integrated into social media not wanting to use this app, if it works.

Again, using Go as a model you can assume that oneConnect will work on most of the phones that Go works on. You can also assume that Yahoo is going try and saturate the phone market to capitalize on mobile intergeneration before its competitors can.

I am excited about this development, but are any of you out there excited about it? I know I would love to be a beta tester for this product (Yahoo you have me email address PLEASE contact me) and I will be following oneConnects development as it happens.