The Social Web Economy: What Are These People Building?

This is a continuation in the series on “The Social Web Economy

Over that past few weeks we have defined all of the participants in the social web economy but now we’ve got to figure out what exactly they are building. Often times it is difficult to understand what exactly is being built and given that this is still a nascent industry roles overlap both of individuals as well as companies. Along with roles of individuals, the positioning of products frequently overlap but in a rapidly growing industry there’s enough room for everyone to participate.

While this fast growing environment can’t continue to grow indefinitely, there has never been a better time to be a participant or a company in the social web economy (unless of course you count the bubble as good times). As this industry begins to solidify itself, I’m confident that we will see the rapid consolidation of companies as well as many companies that will join the what Techcrunch has coined the “deadpool”, the place where failed startups go to retire.

Over the coming weeks I will cover the various types of companies in the social web economy which includes:

  • Product Companies
  • Distribution Companies
  • Social Web Agencies
  • Ad Networks & Sales Teams
  • Analytics Companies
  • Media Companies
  • Communications/Public Relations Firms

Each of these companies contribute in some form to build the products and services that millions of users will hopefully end up using on a daily basis. I’ll cover what’s the biggest challenges facing each type of company and how where they fit in the social web landscape.

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