The Social TV Ecosystem [Infographic]

Anne-Marie Roussel, a Sharp partnership and venture executive, has put together a great summary of the various different startups and businesses within the Social TV ecosystem, and for anybody interested in the intersection between social and TV should take a look at her work.

Anne-Marie has been attending several of the Social TV conferences that have exploded this year and is very bullish on the market, likening the excitement to the “early days of the Internet.”  As a fan of the implications of social TV, I’d have to agree.  The “lean back” living room experience certainly has room to be augmented by tasteful social experiences, such as commenting, ratings systems and shared watching.

What Anne-Marie has done is look at the various Social TV applications on the market and categorize them based on their main topic.  It’s not a very intricate infographic but a great starting point to look at when considering who’s going to be a leader in Social TV in the years to come.  She also includes links to all the various sites themselves.  I’ll certainly be using this list to do some analysis in the weeks to come, but for now full credit must go to Anne-Marie.  Click the image below to head to her blog to see her thoughts.

In other news, LG just announced that they’ll be releasing their first Google TV in May.  This market is about to heat up, and the speed of change when it comes to social and web technologies is fast.  I expect the next few years are going to transform our living room.  What do you think?