The Social Enterprise — How to Cultivate a Social and Connected Organization [Infographic]

A social enterprise is a business where employees are able to connect with one another and customers using social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  That’s why, according to a new infographic from Gist, it’s a shame that 71% of business actively block social networking sites at work.  Take a look at a few great ideas on how to use social media in your organization in the infographic below.

Gist, a social platform that was acquired by Research in Motion, allows users to connect their various social networks together into one meta network which assembles profiles and information about your contacts.  The service is effective in its small details, such as an engagement bar which lets you know how often you communicate with certain contacts across your various networks — and who you’re forgetting.

Take a look at Gist’s tips for empowering your organization below, and let us know what you think in the comments.