'The Smurfs' Have Facebook's Most Explosive Page

The imminent debut of a movie based on those classic blue cartoon characters has made a certain page this week's most explosive on Facebook.

The imminent debut of a movie based on those classic blue cartoon characters has made a certain page this week’s most explosive on Facebook. Also, women’s soccer makes its presence felt, and there are a few new creative promotions making pages popular this week. Read on below and if the statistics catch your eye, be sure to head towards our detailed tool used to compile these rankings!

Facebook’s Most Explosive Pages

Name# Of FansDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. The Smurfs596,1852,695489,496
2. Earth, Wind & Fire370,200112,739266,259
3. Febreze460,0632,579196,091
4. Hope Solo221,83732,296190,491
5. Sport Lisboa e Benfica724,250635149,786
6. Fibertel173,4481,183147,833
7. Quaker486,1366,942138,943
8. iHeartRadio202,69816,347114,170
9. AXE ID479,18019,671114,058
10. Volkswagen International167,04530398,322

Movies & Music

With the movie’s release date just two Fridays away, The Smurfs‘ home on the social network is an interactive place filled with clips, interviews, news, and pictures. The page successfully builds an increased amount of anticipation amongst fans as it places first witnessing a 489,496 weekly growth total.

New concerts and post-show parties have the masses tapping the like button on Earth, Wind, & Fire‘s page for more information; the page comes in second place increasing by 266,259 people. IHeartRadio‘s 114,170 seven day increase – an eighth place finish – largely comes a result of giveaways and exclusive pre-sale ticket links to the online radio application’s upcoming music festival.


Febreze‘s social media team gave away free samples at a rapid rate last week, and an increasing amount of users are keeping an eye on the next giveaway; the brand comes in third accruing 196,091 likers.

While you won’t necessarily find any free giveaways, Quaker‘s healthy initiative on the social network successfully sparks 138,943 new fitness friendly fans, for a seventh place finish.


The Women’s World Cup is heating up, and United State’s goalie Hope Solo‘s regular posts are helping to boost her numbers on Facebook; the star player climbs to fourth with a weekly growth total of 190,491.

With a variety of offerings, including camps and merchandise, Portugal’s Sport Lisboa e Benfica completes the week with a fifth place worthy 149,786 finish.


Argentinean Internet service provider Fibertel sees a sixth place finish talling 147,833 new likes. The Indonesian page for AXE ID is holding a creative contest having social networkers submit love letters to the lovely ladies representing the brand. Coming in ninth, the page grows by 114,058 new entries.

We close with the German headquarters’ social networking hub Volkswagen International. Take a glance at the new models coming soon and the company’s latest advertisements; the automobile manufacturer closes out our list in tenth place with a 98,322 weekly growth increase.

Readers, did you find yourself fanning any of the top ten pages this week?