The Smurfs & Co Top This Week’s List of Fastest-Growing Games by DAU

Ubisoft’s The Smurfs & Co. top this week’s list of fastest-growing games by daily active users with Bubble Island and Empires & Allies rounding out the top three.

Farther down the list is Premier League Fantasy Football, a soccer management game from Citizen Sports via Yahoo! With the start of England’s Premier League season just five days away, we’re not surprised to see this game gaining ground in DAU and in monthly active users. It could explain some of the surge EA Playfish’s FIFA Superstars is seeing, but FIFA may also be enjoying pre-release hype for EA Sports’ annual installment of the FIFA series on consoles due out in September.

Top Gainers This Week – Games

1. The Smurfs & Co901,193+656,705+269%
2.  Bubble Island1,958,952+228,008+13%
3.  Empires & Allies7,672,338+214,506+3%
4.  FarmVille8,689,298+148,406+2%
5.  Monster Galaxy708,803+137,180+24%
6.  The Pokerist club — Texas Poker245,564+130,693+114%
7.  Diamond Dash1,801,407+94,855+6%
8.  Texas HoldEm Poker 7,168,850+82,403+1%
9.  Gardens of Time4,039,850+70,043+2%
10. Mahjong Saga429,515+68,413+19%
11.  แฮปปี้คนเลี้ยงหม1,046,095+65,154+7%
12. Edgeworld87,934+65,063+284%
13.  Slotomania – Slot Machines1,120,482+64,245+6%
14.  Tetris Battle1,154,692+64,036+6%
15.  Games1,796,936+54,281+3%
16.  PyramidVille454,066+51,829+13%
17.  Premier League Fantasy Football92,050+47,949+109%
18.  Mynet Çanak Okey636,764+38,112+6%
19.  BINGO Blitz411,824+37,130+10%
20.  EA SPORTS FIFA Superstars: Real football & soccer!506,246+36,779+8%

At No.12 this week is Kabam’s Edgeworld, a space-themed real time strategy game. Though the game hasn’t “officially” launched, the beta has received a series of updates and contests in the last week that suggests Kabam is close to release. A couple of weeks ago, developer Kixeye claimed that Edgeworld was a clone of Kixeye’s title, Backyard Monsters. Kabam responded that it draws inspiration from everywhere for its games and that it was flattered at the attention. Stick around for a closer look at Edgeworld when the game is in a more “final” state.

All data in this post comes from our traffic tracking service, AppData. Stay tuned for our look at the top emerging apps on Friday.