The Skinny on Pitching Beauty and Fashion Media

“One-size-fits-all” doesn’t work any better in PR than it does in fashion, according to panelists at the Publicity Club of New York event about pitching beauty and fashion media on Tuesday. Instead, the editors and producers prefer concise, customized pitches along with headlines. As Lori Bergamotto, contributing style editor at Luckyremarked, “Clear is the new clever.”

Sending samples of clients’ beauty products that the editors can test is encouraged, as well as photos of fashion items. In addition, “Stats and studies or online polls conducted by brands,” are also welcome, noted Eleanor Langston, beauty director at Fitness.

Providing inside information on how things are made is another avenue to reach these outlets. As Polly Blitzer, founder of Beauty Blitz explained, “Readers want behind-the-scenes details.” Laurel Pinson, managing editor at NBC 4 New York Thread NY agreed. “We’re interested in the mechanics of how things work, the person who made it, and we visit the showrooms and studios to find out.”

The best way to target online beauty and fashion media outlets is to make them as much of a priority as print and broadcast.  Andrea Lavinthal, online style and beauty director at, pointed out, “Online is not just for last minute placements.”

Each of the panelists also gave brief overviews of their brand’s content: Lavinthal described Us as a “celebrity-centric brand that features exclusive interviews.” As an example, “Drew Barrymore dying her hair red was breaking news,” she said.

Lucky: Bergamotto explained that the magazine is “about shopping and style, but not only about clothes and shoes.” She added, “Part of the Lucky DNA relies on creative sourcing and under the radar brands.  It’s friendly fashion, and not just what’s on the runway but also street style.”

Fitness: Langston said their readers are “multi-tasking and on-the-go, so the products we feature need to do double duty and deliver. We focus on new ways to use products and fitness tips from experts.”

Beauty Blitz: Blitzer’s site is about “Attainable beauty and we test thousands of products each month.” She depicted her readers as beauty addicts characterized by high need and high fun.

NBC 4 Thread NY: Pinson produces her own segments for Thread NY (part of NBC Local),  which she said often highlights “New York fashion with national appeal.” She’s part of the “lifestyle squad” at NBC, where her role also includes providing selected video content for NBC’s New York Nonstop, shopping content for website and occasional videos for TaxiTV.  She portrayed the audience overall as “smart, in the know, curious about high fashion and how to apply it to their everyday lives.”