The Skies MMORPG Revealed for PC, Mac

Ukrainian game developer Eforb Games has announced the development of its post-apocalyptic free-to-play MMORPG, The Skies, for PC and Mac. Inspired by the science-fiction novel Skies, the game is described as an MMORPG, but not in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, players will complete a non-linear storyline, where they can create their own “game reality” and choose their own role within it.

In The Skies, players will travel through a real-time 3D world in a first-person perspective, with eight square kilometers of land to start (four locations, each with two square kilometers of land). The land is full of cities and secret locations to explore, and players will do so as they complete quests, collect and trade resources and more. The land features major overall areas, like the mountainous areas of the West and the desert of the East, with metropolitan areas in the North and South.The SkiesThe dialog system here is based on the intellectual abilities of each character. If a character lacks in this area, they may not have access to certain dialog options. In addition, the way players treat others has an impact on their reputation. Saying negative things or having an overall negative attitude may make it harder for people to trust the player, for instance.

The Skies will offer both player-vs-player and team-vs-team cooperative battles, as well as clan wars, which see groups building their own governments within the ruined world. Meanwhile, the game’s multi-level economic system will see users given multiple options for making a profit. Users can create their own businesses, hiring workers and managing their wages, or work at a factory themselves, as examples. As the developer puts it, players are “free to do anything [they] like.”

Eforb Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the game’s development, for a release in Q2 2015. The core funding will be used to develop the title for PC and Mac, while stretch goals are assigned to expanding the universe, including support for mobile and console releases. By backing the game, users can receive timed upgrades to premium in-game accounts, bonuses on in-game money and more. The crowdfunding campaign has a goal of $350,000, and will end on December 23.