Back To ‘The Sixties’ For CNN, Facebook

CNN is going back to “The Sixties,” with a little help from Facebook.

CNNTheSixtiesFB650CNN is going back to “The Sixties,” with a little help from Facebook.

The cable news network debuted 10-part series “The Sixties” Thursday night, and it will air at 9 p.m. ET and PT every Thursday through Aug. 7.

“The Sixties” examines the events and people that contributed to pop culture, civil rights, politics, and technology during the iconic decade, and the series was produced by Tom Hanks, Gary Goetzman, and Mark Herzog.

So where does the social network come in? CNN and Facebook teamed up on what they are calling an “enriched social media engagement,” which will include exclusive video and other content, such as:

  • Weekly live question-and-answer sessions with historic figures and the producers of “The Sixties” during each episode.
  • Weekly viral content featuring highlights of the 1960s.
  • Exclusive video from CNN Digital Studios.

Facebook Director of News and Global Partnerships Andy Mitchell said in a release announcing the joint initiative by CNN and the social network:

We are excited to partner with CNN to offer people on Facebook exclusive video content and access to newsmakers from the 1960s. Through Facebook Q&As with figures from that decade and videos produced for CNN’s more than 12 million fans and their friends, CNN will create tremendous awareness and interest in the series using Facebook.

CNN/U.S. Senior Vice President of Editorial Content Andrew Morse added:

We are delighted to collaborate with Facebook to offer such a rich multimedia experience for viewers of “The Sixties.” This partnership will drive deeper engagement and establish a community of viewers, who will explore the content in a variety of ways.

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