The Situation. Washington Style.

Ever wanted to meet The Situation all dolled up in conservative clothing?

Well, keep your shirts on. Now you can. He’s Human Events Editor Jason Mattera who comes out today with a video that is sure to make you wonder why MTV isn’t firing Mike Sorrentino and hiring this guy to get on TV with Snooki to flex his guns, make large pasta dinners and coif his hair into a style so absurd that we don’t know what to say, except, watch. He pulls a “Daily Show” maneuver by “interviewing” Facebook Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg on a variety of things, one of which is whether “Zuck” will give the GOP equal time and host a Town Hall with the Republican nominee as well as President Obama. Let’s just say it’s not going to win him a Peabody.

From the Observation Deck:

Mattera’s shocking question leaves us gasping for air: “You must know you’re like an uber dork, right?” Mattera asks.

Bathroom break? In the middle of the interview, Mattera gets up to go “hit the john.” When he returns, he snaps at Zuckerberg, saying, “You timed me?”

Run for cover. The worst part comes when Mattera asks about his love life. “Being a billionaire has probably helped your love life. After all, you are a very strange individual,” he says. Zuckerberg’s comment involves his roommates. Mattera shudders, cover his eyes and says, “TMI dude!”

Watch the awkwardness here.