The Site Bode Miller Doesn’t Want You To Read!


This has recently been floating around, but we most recently read about it over at the terrific Industrial Brand Creative: it’s the 2010 Vancouver Olympics spoof site, which intends to provoke and confuse its audience into thinking about design, of course, but also everything from politics to culture. This all came about from all the trouble surrounding the logo contest Vancouver held, but even with the controversy, it’s a wonderfully subversive site and concept and worth checking out for a bit. Here’s from a (fake?) interview with Elliott Keevil about his logo submission that he tried to incorporate “native-ness” into:

I want to do more than simply guide people. What I want is to get people to experience cultures other than their own and get our ethnic communities to share with the rest of us – I mean, it should all be one big Canadian culture, not this collection of bits and pieces of cultures from other countries. Maybe my pictograms will make people angry, they’ll say “hey, that guy is appropriating our imagery” and maybe they’ll realize something and come out of hiding and join the rest of us Canadians who are trying to contribute to our country’s cultural identity. Then we’ll have the real thing, less caricature, and more people representing themselves instead of depending on one humble designer to represent us all! We’re a very young country trying to establish ourselves in the world and for ourselves. People should see this as an opportunity to participate in the building of our Canadian identity.