The Sims Social Is Facebook's Fastest Growing App

The Sims Social leads our list of fastest growing applications for the third week in a row.

The Sims Social leads our list of fastest growing applications for the third week in a row. Our ranking of daily and monthly active users, plus weekly growth, now benefits from the full integration of AllFacebook’s statistics and Inside Network’s AppData.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. The Sims Social10,675,26440,211,27410,412,941
2. Welcome Tab481,425675,3022,118,564
3. Zuma Blitz1,126,6425,055,9231,691,725
4. 21 questions3,878,29631,007,4611,369,221
5. Static Iframe Tab598,04011,322,2431,259,874
6. Phrases (new)286,9662,129,8001,223,376
7. Friends Photos167,3413,844,8391,019,466
8. Social Empires730,2865,329,118937,860
9. Words With Friends3,320,40813,478,026922,754
10. iwipa: HTML + iframe + FBML844,04516,693,583888,930
11. Are YOU Interested?988,51616,522,160833,518
12. Mystery Manor525,9813,188,503680,799
13. Magic Land343,0983,291,953676,466
14. FarmVille7,724,84336,033,469584,500
15. TopFace488,3642,993,979578,445
16. Diamond Dash2,012,85811,686,809538,125
17. The Smurfs & Co1,283,25910,285,668536,732
18. PM Custom Welcome Tab226,4114,739,183485,513
19. Fruit Ninja (Chinese)127,2351,690,746419,006
20. Twitter1,004,6633,826,832404,992


Still in the first month of its launch, The Sims Social continues its untouchable lead, picking up another 10,412,941 players, which is about five times what the next fastest growing application has for the week.

Electronic Arts also sees success with third place victor Zuma Blitz; 1,691,725 adds for the app brings it back to the fastest-growing list after a hiatus.

Also returning to the list after a hiatus is Social Point’s Social Empires, with a weekly growth total of 937,860.

Two Zynga applications have slipped in the rankings: Words With Friends moves down three spots to ninth place, with 922,754 new accounts this week. FarmVille is in 14th place, with 584,500 new gamers this week.

Mystery Manor comes in 12th place, as 680,799 Facebook users search for hidden answers to those addicting quests. Wooga’s Magic Land sees a 676,466 seven-day growth period.

Also from Wooga, Diamond Dash is slipping slowly after its initial return; a 538,125 week lands it two spots back in 16th.

Coming in 17th place, The Smurfs & Co. is 14 spots lower this week than last, showing a weekly growth of 536,732.

Fruit Ninja (Chinese) makes its second appearance on this list, collecting a 419,006 weekly growth increase.

For Fun

Question applications are cooling off compared to previous weeks; however, 21 Questions holds on for a fourth place finish by tallying an additional 1,369,221 inquisitive social networkers.

Around the globe, Phrases (new) sees a 1,223,376 leap to sixth place. Friends Photos gets knocked around, but manages to grasp on to the seventh position accruing 1,019,466 adds.

Page Creation

Welcome Tab comes in second place with a weekly increase of 2,118,564. Static Iframe Tab from Woobox comes in fifth place this week, up three spots from last, with a total of 1,259,874.

Iwipa‘s 888,930 weekly growth total propels it forward to the tenth spot. PM Custom Welcome Tab comes in 18th, finishing with a 485,513 growth increase.


Improving its standing on the weekly growth leaderboard, Are You Interested pushes forward to 11th ending with 833,518 adds. A newcomer to the list, TopFace ranks 15th with the addition of 578,445 users this week.


Twitter‘s 404,992 newly synched accounts puts the microblogging site on our ranking for the first time, in last place.

Readers, did you find yourself adding any of this week’s fastest growing applications?