The Silk Road in Stereo: Capturing the Music of a Continent

The world is a very big place, full of incredibly diverse music. Trying to hear all of it — even within one continent — can seem like an impossible task. This is why we should all be happy that the good folks behind The Silk Road in Stereo are planning to do just this for us through their recently announced Kickstarter project.

The Silk Road in Stereo is spearheaded by audiovisual archivist Kara Van Malssen and will be carried out alongside The Confined Nomad and The (un)Confined Nomad groups. Van Malssen will be accompanying the two collectives in order to capture the sound of the myriad cultures that dot the historic Silk Road — a trade route that spans Europe, Mongolia and Central Asia.

The Silk Road in Stereo is part of The Mongol Rally 2011 and will see Van Malssen travelling some 10,000 kilometres (by car) while picking up local pop CDs, recording live performances, radio broadcasts, local soundscapes and more. After the massive trip is finished The Silk Road in Stereo will be carefully edited and offered up through MP3, CD and podcast (alongside photographs and other images) with new content being rolled out over the span of a full year.

The Kickstarter fundraiser will provide money for recording, purchasing local music and necessary travel expenses. Anything raised above the target will be redirected to charity.

Direct your mouse and click the lovely colors for more on The Confined Nomad, The (un)Confined Nomad/The Mongol Rally 2011 or AVPreserve.  For more information on The Silk Road in Stereo check out the official project page on Kickstarter. The Silk Road in Stereo will be funded on Saturday, August 6th at 6.22am EST if the $2,500 goal is reached on time.