The Silicon Valley Ivory Tower

Everyday you can go take a look at Techmeme and find at least one conversation that’s absolutely useless. Today’s useless conversation surrounds the decentralization of Twitter. Me taking time of day to write about how useless the conversation is quite ironic but then again I too have the luxury of speaking from the ivory tower.

Many people spend hours discussing theory and philosophy while taking down a glass of their favorite latte. I can’t criticize them for that, because it occasionally leads to execution, but it makes me realize how blessed most of us really are. The reality is that none of the people discussing this decentralization are really going to put this into action. In theory it makes a lot of sense the same way that decentralized blogging makes sense.

Are the geeks of the blogosphere going to suddenly create an uprising against Twitter because they occasionally suffer some downtime? Seriously this conversation is absolutely ridiculous. We should have decentralized social networks before we have decentralized Twitter. If you are one of the people reading all of this conversation, please feel free to put your feedback in the comments. In general, I think the conversation is a waste of time but then again, I can take 5 minutes out of my day to discuss it.

Do you think the decentralization/open-sourcing of Twitter makes much sense? Do you even use Twitter? Why the hell can’t Silicon Valley stop buzzing about Twitter?

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