The Shopping Conundrum: Guys Vs. Gals

Preach! Little Riley has got it right. Not all things for girls need to be about pink princesses and not all things for boys have to be about superheroes.

Do not fall into the gender trap marketers! While it’s true that some items or issues may have more traction with one of the sexes, you can take it too far. And it’s not just when targeting little boys or girls.

Today, the Chicago Tribune tackled the issue of grocery shopping. Research shows that more men are responsible for buying the groceries. However, products and stores are oftentimes geared towards women. Now companies are looking for ways to appeal to men, with P&G, for example, introducing “man aisles.”

The story proposes a number of theories about how men shop vs. women. For example, did you know that when you send a guy to the store for a container of milk, his ancient hunting skills kick into high gear, vastly altering the way in which he will procure said container of milk? Jezebel picks it all apart.

The article had us there for a minute, but going to the Whole Foods is definitely not like going to the woods to shoot your own dinner. It’s not even like going to your backyard and picking tomatoes that are growing in your garden.

So, do men linger or are they trying to get in and out as quickly as possible? (We’ll refrain from making any jokes here.) Are women hanging out in the aisles too much of an obstacle for men to overcome? Is our collective inability to seek out items at the store the first step towards the demise of the human race? Perhaps we should take a lesson from Riley and turn all the boys/girls stuff down a notch.