The Shame of Removing Dave Seanor from Golfweek Over Cover Image


Rare is the day when the world of golf attracts a whole ton of attention outside its own subculture or on the sport’s page. But the past week or so, possibly because it has coincided with the Clinton and Obama race fights, has garnered a whole slew of coverage following Golf Channel anchor Kelly Tilghman letting slip “Lynch him in a back alley” when talking about how unstoppable Tiger Woods is in the game. She was suspended and Woods said he wasn’t hurt by it, but then round two started with Golfweek magazine publishing a feature story in their latest issue about the controversy, including a cover image of a noose. Everything went nuts all over again and now it’s being reported that the magazine has been pulled and Dave Seanor, the editor in charge of Golfweek, has been replaced after complaints by the PGA of the magazine being exploitative and advertisers threatening to pull out. While we kind of get that point, this writer also thinks the decision to remove Seanor is absurd. The magazine discussed the issue, explained the controversy, talked about why it was important and even shared some defense of Tilghman. Yet the issue was killed and Seanor was removed because everyone wanted the story about an extremely uncomfortable issue to go away. Maybe the cover should have been handled more tastefully, but maybe not because sometimes it takes a brutal image or a strong visual metaphor to shock and upset people into getting involved in the issue at hand. Instead, it gets turned that, reading between the lines, Seanor and Golfweek are all a bunch of evil racists now. That’s a shame.