The September Vogue: After a week of carrying it around, you might just fit into something it advertises

Lopez Elle cover.jpgWell, it’s not the biggest ever but the traditionally-ginormous September Vogue is clocking in this year at a respectable 800 pages (or 802, to be exact – there seems to be two page counts, which makes it rather not exact at all). This is according to Gabriel Sherman in this week’s New York Observer, who spent some quality time curled up with the magazine wondering how he might look in the Carolina Herrera dress on page 540. Actually the quality time he spent was with publisher Tom Florio, who is very proud indeed of the issue, even though it fell short of last year’s 832-page mark:

“I get paid, and everyone who works for me gets paid, on revenue,” Mr. Florio said. “Not pages.”

Vogue raised its base rate this year to $1.2 million, and according to Florio, their ad space is primo: “What’s $150,000 in Vogue is literally $16,500 in another magazine… They’re just giving away ads.” Hear that, people? No discounts at Vogue. That goes double for you, Prada.

The interesting nugget in the article is about the upcoming Men’s Vogue: apparently that one is rocking huge advertising boon, with rarefied advertisers like Hinckley Yachts, Ralph Lauren Purple Label (frankly, that’s so rarefied I don’t even know what it means, but if purple’s the knew black I’m glad I read this), and “$1,400 single-malt scotch.” The test issue of Men’s Vogue was budgeted for 70 pages of ads but scored 164. Not too shabby.

Interesting side note on the September Vogue: it’s got more pages than Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I bet its page 596 is considerably less traumatizing.

p.s. Yes, we know that’s Elle, but we couldn’t find an image of the September Vogue online. And come on, people. It’s JLo.

Update: September Vogue cover after the jump. We care, people.

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