The Semi-Competitive Winners


We’re big fans of the site Design is Kinky round these parts and were waiting with bated breath (actual, honest to god, bated breath!), to find out who had won their Semi-Competitive contest. Well, bate our breaths no longer, as the winners have been announced and they’re fantastic. We figured they would be, given that the judges included, among several impressive others, MK12, one of our all-time favorite mo-graf houses, and terrific artist, Paul Pope. Looks like the grand prize winner was a fella named Alex Soto (one of three of his winning entries is over there on the right of this very text). We also really dig Simon Westlake’s motion category winner, with its blend of a glitchy track, and a blend of cut-out and 3D work. Very nice. Do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the winners. And keep hope alive that they hold this competition again.