The Selling of the Superbowl in the Age of Insta-Marketing

champion football.jpgLast night, one Macy’s employee (or perhaps a crack team of them) couldn’t just kick back with beer, nachos, and a critical eye for pricey commercials as the gridiron excitement played out in Phoenix. No, he/she/they had an important job to do: a) watch the Superbowl, and then, mere minutes after the victor was declared, b) select and send the appropriate one of two prepared e-mails alerting Macy’s customers of the availability of a special Waterford crystal football celebrating the winner.

Mission accomplished. As New Yorkers rejoiced and New Englanders sobbed, thousands of people nationwide received an e-mail with the subject “The Giants win it all! Celebrate with a Waterford Crystal football!” The marketing copy beckoned readers to “Commemorate every bone-crunching tackle and triumphant touchdown” with a $185 limited edition “Champion Football.” Since the item’s production was contingent upon the game’s outcome, it doesn’t actually exist yet, so visitors to were alerted that they’d have to wait a while to receive their sparkly footballs (each individually engraved, numbered, and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity!). The item is described “on order: usually ships within 65 business days.”