The Secret To Finding A Mate On Facebook

Whether you're in the market for a casual date or more permanent relationship, here are some tips on finding a mate on Facebook.

Finding yourself either counting salt grains or organizing your scrunchies by the stretch of their elasticity on any given Saturday night? Do you look forward to devouring seemingly endless pints of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia while gluing your eyes to”I Love Lucy” reruns on weekends, instead of planning hot outfits to wow your date?

If you answered a resounding “Yes!” to these questions then you are in dire need of a date, dammit! Stare at yourself in the mirror and deal with the fact that you’re in the throes of a dating drought. Facebook to the rescue!

Online dating sites are becoming passe. Freaks, serial killers or scam artists lurk on some of the sites. And really, after going out with one of those losers, all you want to do is curl up in bed with a bottle of Trader Joe’s wine, so why bother!

Facebook dating is free and gives you a chance to span a person’s friends, conversations, likes and dislikes over time. If you’re in the market for a casual date or plan to billy-club someone over the head for a more permanent relationship (I jest), check out what Facebook has to offer.

Rig Your Profile For Friends And Prospects

Make sure your profile is set up so that friends of friends can view it. Then edit your content so that it appeals to prospective dates without overconfiding to your current friends. Pretty please, don’t make yourself seem desperate. Be honest about your relationship status, likes, dislikes and philosophies, but exercise a smidge of creativity, so as not to make a potential, nod off.

Post a flattering photo — but not one that was taken 30 years ago when you were 75 pounds lighter and had hair. Do keep in mind, slutty pics will only get you a date with someone who holds a premium membership to a few sleazy strip clubs.

List just enough info about yourself without going overboard or being too narcissistic. Remember you’re looking for someone to have a possible relationship with and if they see, that you’re already having one with yourself, they’ll look for the nearest trap door!

Check Out Friends Of Friends

Scan your friends’ contacts, or check out their news feeds for people who post the wittiest remarks. See someone you like? Ask your mutual connection about that person’s relationship status if it’s not visible on his or her profile.

Be on the lookout for that person’s comments and when you feel the time is right, send a friend request. The cat-and-mouse Facebook dating game can be fun and challenging at the same time.

Join Groups

Another potential dating goldmine: Facebook groups, where many singletons have been known to park themselves. Find a group that you’re interested in and join. Keep a watchful eye on what people say on these sites, how they think, and if you spot a person whom you think you might be interested in for further conversation, then by all means go for it.

Be Patient

Once you’ve found that interesting Facebooker, request friendship, but be patient. If you ask to be friended after just two comments, the person will label you a weirdo. Gaining entry onto his or her Facebook realm is a must and the best study guide there is on your possible paramour.

Do keep in mind however, the object of this dating game is not to e-sabotage yourself by getting unfriended too early on, so be on your guard and tweak that brain filter which guards against your saying dumb things.

Remember to keep your postings casual at first, then slowly proceed to the next level, private messaging. If the planets are aligned right, then private messaging should lead to phone calls, then a face-to-face — but all in due time.

Have you had any luck at Facebook dating?