The Secret to Allrecipes’ Success

Keep it simple stupid


coverThe team at Meredith’s Allrecipes is doing something — or more accurately, many things  — right. Allrecipes is not even two years old, yet it increased its rate base by 40 percent last September and is now poised to make another jump. Starting with the February/March issue, Allrecipes circulation will be upped to 1.1 million. That’s a 120 percent increase since it launched in November of 2013.

So what gives? Do people really love recipes that much? Well, yes. But beyond that, Allrecipes’ secret to success is that the editorial team has paid attention to what its readers want. It’s that simple.

Cheryl Brown, Allrecipes’ editor-in-chief, told FishbowlNY that when readers suggested changes — no matter how trivial they seemed — it caused her and her team to rethink the way the magazine was created.

“Based on reader and community feedback, we’ve done things as simple as moving the Recipe Index from the back of the book the front (who knew folks had such strong feelings about that placement!) to more complex moves, like launching a healthy-eating column to meet the demand for more wholesome recipes,” Brown explained. “We’ll also be flagging healthy and fast recipes more prominently due to consumer request. Additionally, we’re reworking our World’s Fare column to better enhance the connection with Allrecipes international sites.”

Listening to readers isn’t a groundbreaking concept, but there aren’t many editors that actually do that. Understandably, editors think they know best. Brown, however, has shown that sometimes the reader has great ideas, and that can lead to a better overall product.