The secret of Paris Hilton, revealed

In a forthcoming Sunday LAT piece, contributor Chris Lee examines the many endeavors of Paris Hilton.

In the piece, world reknowned DJ Paul Oakenfold issues a sutra we should all memorize about how it is possible for Hilton to succeed as a thrush, let alone as a worldwide icon. Of her voice, he explains: “I think a lot of people were expecting it to be a lot worse than it is.”

And therein lies the brilliace of Paris: By managing expectations to the lowest point possible, Paris’ success can always be guaranteed with a minimum of effort, i.e. just breathing.

To wit, last summer’s Carl’s Jr.’s Spicy BBQ burger as campaign. To look at Hilton, one has difficulty imagining that she’s ever eaten anything at all; by merely taking a bite of a hamburger on TV, she’s already imploded the world’s presumptions. spicyparis.jpg

Clearly, Lee’s written a piece fraught with hefty ramifications for Hindu and Buddhist thinkers alike, and you ought to read it.

But first, it’s time for a burger.