The Scary Visage of Font Face Rules


If you haven’t yet caught word of the big issue this week in typography for the internet, you really ought to start looking around, because, as Typograhpica says, “the web is about to become more beautiful/hideous.” Reason being (and we’re not the most technical people, so we’re just paraphrasing the best we can here), the backbone of the Safari browser is about to include something called “font face rules,” meaning that sites can begin using any typefaces they’d like — if you don’t have the one they’re using, the site will download it onto your computer. That’s something of a no-no in regard to licensing agreements. And those who follow the rules, but still want to try this out will be using hideous type. Read Typographica’s full report on it and then use that as your launching point to read all the other web development sites that are abuzz in discussing it.