The Saudi Facebook Murders

It has been days since reports of a Saudi girl was murdered by her father for talking on Facebook. My initial response was to not publish the story because I hate to cater to the negative sensationalism that is media today. It is not my job to determine what to display or what not to display though, my job is instead to tell the story. Since this is a blog I also get to tell my opinion so I’ll do so in the following post after explaining what happened.

A Telegraph article posted the night before last provided details as to exactly what took place. As I stated at the beginning of this article, a girl was murdered by her father for using Facebook. What really created the story was the response of Ali al-Maliki, a Saudi preacher and critic of Facebook.

He stated “Facebook is a door to lust and young women and men are spending more on their mobile phones and the Internet than they are spending on food.” This sounds similar to the same radical ideals illustrated by the thought leaders that guided many of Osama bin Laden’s ideals. We saw what those ideas resulted in. The bottom line is this: open and transparent communication leads to a better understanding of culture and standards by individuals worldwide.

Facebook is trying to further this ideal and this is why they are translating into over 20 languages in the coming months (and possibly weeks). The critics of transparent communication are simply those that have manipulated existing communication channels. Only in a democracy could such a system be created and as such Facebook (and other social networks) will continue to receive backlash worldwide.

It is highly unfortunate that this father decided to murder his own daughter but any father that would participate in such an act is not mentally stable no matter how you put it. If you want to read more about what happened exactly go check out the Telegraph article. Do you see social networks as part of a broader global movement? Am I simply preaching idealist theories? What are your thoughts?