The Sand Became the Pitch for Many Facebook Users in June

Beach soccer was one of Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch

Beach soccer at Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro BrasilNut1/iStock

World Cup fever made its way onto the sand in June, as beach soccer was one of Facebook IQ’s Topics to Watch for the month.

Conversation about beach soccer and related terms American football, beach, California, coffee, FIFA World Cup, Italy, Portugal, soccer, tournament and Virginia Beach (Va.) was up 1.2 times year over year and 1.1 times month over month, driven largely by the 35-through-49 age group.

Facebook users were also blinded by science last month, as talk about Bernoulli’s principle and related terms conservation of energy, fluid, fluid dynamics, physics, potential energy and pressure soared 39.9 times compared with June 2017 and was up 0.5 times month over month, with women 50 and older setting the pace.

Discussion about brown sugar—the food, not the Rolling Stones song—and related terms bacon, butter, caramelization, chicken as food, chicken fingers cinnamon, garlic, grilling, pineapple and sugar was up 5.7 times year over year and 1.1 times from May, also driven by women 50 and older.

Baseball season is in full swing, and men 35 and over drove talk about inning and related topics baseball, Chicago Cubs, first baseman, games played, hit, home run, MLB (Major League Baseball), New York Yankees, pitcher and run. It was up 5.2 times compared with June 2017 and 0.6 times versus May.

Chatter about paddleboarding and related terms fishing, Florida, Hudson River, KayAir, kayaking, rush hour, stand up paddleboarding, surfing, Thursday and yoga was up 2.2 times year over year and 1.7 times month over month, with women 25 through 49 providing the momentum.

Audiophiles made their mark on the social network in June, as signal-to-noise ratio—joined by related terms amplifier, audio power, damping factor, frequency response, hertz, loudspeaker, ohm, root mean square, stereophonic sound and total harmonic distortion rose 6.5 times compared with last June and 1.2 times month over month, driven largely by men 50 through 64.

We learned these things from Facebook IQ’s latest data chart called Topics to Watch, which is designed to help marketers know what subjects to look out for on the social network. The topics are based on trending data, and Adweek readers get an exclusive look at them each month. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.