The Saga of a ‘See Ya’ Letter to a Small Town: The Verdict

A student from Coalinga, Cynthia Moreno, wrote on her MySpace page in 2005 about how much better she is than people in Coalinga because she was getting out. Her high school principal sent it to the local paper. The local paper published it and the people of Coalinga we’re not too happy about the proclamation. She was harassed as was her family. Her dog got shot.

In a bid to prove how much better she was, Moreno decided to sue her high school principal, Roger Coleman.

The Fresno Bee reports the verdict:

Jurors deliberated a little more than two hours before reaching a verdict.

On the first question — “Was the conduct of Roger Campbell and the Coalinga Huron School District outrageous?” — jurors voted 10-2 that it was. But on the second — “Was the conduct of Roger Coleman and the Coalinga Huron School District a substantial factor in causing damage to the Plaintiff?” — jurors voted 9-3 that it wasn’t. Civil cases do not require unanimous verdicts.

After the verdict was read, Moreno left the courtroom in tears and rushed past reporters.

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