The RotorBlog Netvibes Universe Page

Last week I received e-mail from Netvibes and they offered possibility to launch Netvibes Universe for RotorBlog. Netvibes Universes are customizable public pages with all the Netvibes stuff inside. And it offers much possibilities for visitors – concentrated information and for publishers – customizable pages to serve this information.

But now universes are closed to create them – they are on demo phase or something like that and you can create your universe only if Netvibes offer you such possibility. I’m very happy to have this possibility together with such names like TechCrunch, Mashable, Washington Post or 50 Cent? 🙂


Now I have added there some feeds from blogs and some tools like Digg, Technorati and Meebo. But I want to add there more resources/feeds on social networking and online communications and here I want you to help me – can you give me some advice which feeds to add? Do you know some cool blogs about social networking that you like and can suggest to others?


Rotorblog are really getting popular – we have reached two milestones in one month – more than 1000 regular feed readers and more than 100,000 unique monthly visitors – thank you very much, I will try to offer you more and more interesting articles about social stuff!

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