‘The Room’ has Gone Global

Movie Viral has an entertaining write-up on the spread of the LA cult classic “The Room” — from a late-night guilty pleasure to a global phenomenon.

On June 23rd 2003, Tommy Wiseau premiered The Room to an unsuspecting LA audience, which included notable critic Scott Foundas, and the reaction was not good. The film was clearly supposed to be a drama, with the tagline “A film with the passion of Tennessee Williams.” but, according to Foundas, it resulted in laughter from the audience and people demanding their money back…

Following a disappointing first run at the Laemmle, the film began to play at Midnight and in the tradition of Midnight Movies such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Reefer Madness and El Topo, The Room finally found its audience. The Room began showing regularly at Laemmle’s Sunset 5 in LA and as word spread it started playing to packed out audiences. As had happened with Rocky Horror the fans of the film began to make it their own; people began dressing up, wearing ties on their heads, having impromptu games of catch, yelling out lines and cheering and booing almost drowning out the film. The cult of The Room was born at these screenings in LA and the ‘yells’ that became popular have spread to subsequent screenings. The film began opening outside of LA, spreading to other American cities, Europe and last month Australia.