The rise and rise of Mark Lisanti

What a difference three-and-a-half months make! In the July LAT profile of Defamer’s Mark Lisanti he was described unambiguously as a Hollywood outsider:

Lisanti does not feel he’s been co-opted by the industry. Although studio heads and producers say they read him, he’s been invited to only a handful of lunches. He has attended only a few premieres — as a guest of friends (and blogged snarkily about it) — and even pays for his movie tickets.

Now, according to a glowing profile in this month’s issue of Los Angeles, he’s, well, if not an insider, not quite an outsider either. Call him liminal, simultaneously an innie and an outie, like many of the belly buttons one sees in the mens’ locker room at Crunch. He’s signed with UTA, and would like to write and produce a Defamer-esque TV show. (Think ‘The Showbiz Show’, except actually funny and insightful.) He’s also “been in preliminary talks with the Los Angeles Times about writing a gossip column for the daily’s online edition” which would be excerpted in the Calendar section.

Other noteworthy moments in the article: Bert Fields hints that he may be laying the groundwork for a libel suit against Defamer on behalf of his frequently-mocked client Tom Cruise, and various Hollywood types are quoted anonymously about how they read Defamer. Weirdly, they all call it ‘the Defamer’, not ‘Defamer.’

Anyway, kudos to Lisanti and Defamer, even if they did post a photo of me from the Huffington party with what looks like crudite in my mouth. Maybe I’ll hire Bert Fields and sue.