The Reviews Are In: Jay Carney Was Nervous

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

There was some paper shuffling, a little stiffness, signs of nerves, but Jay Carney made it through his first briefing without any huge mishaps.

We caught a chunk of the press briefing and there was a big difference between yesterday’s press conference and the ease of Robert Gibbs. But, there will be plenty of chances to settle in. According to Carney, things will “evolve” in terms of frequency of briefings and other rules.

“I don’t have a new plan to lay on the table. I want to see how it works,” he said. What did other press sec watchers think?

The Washington Post commended the fact that there were no gaffes. “Carney made no major news and didn’t offer much fresh insight into Obama’s thinking. That made the event a success for the administration but a bit frustrating for journalists,” the story reads.

Former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart also declared the briefing a success, telling USA Today he brought a “‘fresh, more conciliatory’ tone to the briefing room.”

And Politico said the administration is relieved that Carney is a more traditional press secretary that wants to make nice with reporters while sticking to the message.  An informal poll of the reporters present taken at the end of the briefing yielded this response:

While clearly not as plugged in to the Oval Office as Gibbs, Carney seemed more willing to accommodate reporters’ requests; he was brisk, and, most of all, bluntly refused to take on questions he didn’t want to talk about. That’s in stark contrast to Gibbs, who often said he planned “to get back” to reporters on topics but rarely did.

How do you think Carney performed?