The Return of Ruth Kedar, Designer of Google’s Logo

This writer is feeling a bit under the weather this morning, having, once again, spent an evening happily watching election returns in the cozy confines of a neighborhood bar. So the possibilities of things from him being a little light hearted today are good. But Stephanie will hit you with the hard stuff here shortly and then this writer will be back, as long as there are no primaries tonight, full steam tomorrow. Ahem, so, first up is a return to a story we reported on a while back, when WebProNews landed an interview with Ruth Kedar, the designer behind Google‘s identity. We started seeing it nearly everywhere about a week later, so it must have pushed a button. And not wanting to have all this potential traffic pass them by, the smart folks at Wired got in touch with Kedar and received from her a handful of additional, early logo treatments; prototypes that Kedar comments about. It’s pretty interesting and a nice companion to that earlier interview. What’s more, it’s just the thing for a sore head right now.