The Return Of Don Imus


An apologetic Don Imus returned to New York radio this morning, hat in hand (so to speak), taking full responsibility for the effects of his racially and sexually insensitive remarks. Imus spent more than ten minutes on the now infamous comments that got him fired in the first place. His co-host in this new media incarnation is Karith Foster, an African-American comedienne. Foster, who lives in Harlem, is from — as her MySpace page says — ”straight out of Plano (Texas).” Her heroes are, ”My Parents. Bill Cosby and Oprah” Today’s Imus debut is being broadcast from Town Hall in midtown Manhattan.

Newsday’s SportsWatch columnist Neil Best writes:

”At about 5:55 a.m. Curtis Sliwa, Imus’ predecessor in WABC’s morning drive time slot, welcomed him to the station and criticized him at the same time. Game on!

”My final duty is to report that Mr. Imus’ new sports update man is Tony Powell, a black comedian out of East New York and the University of Virginia.”

From The New York Times:

”…Some long-time advertisers, too, came back, including the Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey; NetJets, the corporate aircraft leasing company; the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut, and Bigelow teas. The house band was led by Levon Helm, who had played for Mr. Imus on April 12, which had wound up being his last day.”

From USA Today:

”An hour before the 6 a.m. show began, more than a dozen fans — all of them white — waited outside the Town Hall theater for the sold-out show. The $100 tickets benefited the Imus Ranch for Kids With Cancer.

” …’Here’s what a jerk I was to work for at MSNBC,’ he cracked. ‘Everyone who worked for me there now works for RFD-TV (Rural Free Delivery), a cable and satellite channel catering to ranchers and farmers.”’

(image via ap/cnn)