The Return of Billy Mays

Great news everyone! Mike Allen of Politico has a new eBook! You’ll remember that it wasn’t so long ago that Allen and Evan Thomas published their first in a series of eBooks called “The Right Fights Back.” We were warned then that more books would be unleashed from this duo and they’ve stayed true to their word. Today marks the release of “Inside the Circus — Romney, Santorum and the GOP Race.” In case you didn’t know about the book’s release, Mike Allen spent the first EIGHT paragraphs of Playbook Tuesday morning donning his Billy Mays costume again to tell us how great it is. It’s the day before the primaries in DC, MD and WI and the release of his own book is what Allen thinks deserves that much real estate in Playbook.

As excessive as this was, it was only the beginning. Shortly after Playbook was dispatched, Politico emailed that they were offering up guests on the “top POLITICO stories” of the day. They were the primaries and the release of the new eBook by Allen and Thomas. That’s one of the top TWO stories of the day?

Then, even later in the day, Politico emails AGAIN to promote the book. This time saying, “This eBook original features exclusive, real-time reporting from 2012’s unpredictable primaries and the circus-like stories that have lead to a colorful campaign season so far.”

If their goal is to brainwash people into buying their product, it might be working. I’m feeling a strange urge to click this link to actually buy the damn thing.

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