The Remains of the Day

  • You must remember this, a nudge is still a nudge, except when it’s not a nudge… For the record, Howard Kurtz doesn’t think Geraldo nudged anyone out of the way in his efforts to rescue an elderly lady in a wheelchair during his Katrina coverage for Fox. Alessandra Stanley begs to differ and so do a whole whack of editors, including Bill Keller. Most comments I’ve seen attest to the non-nudge version; the NYT, however, is holding firm, Howie Kurtz notwithstanding. Drama! Controversy! Excitement! Alessandra Stanley, you had us at “clickety heels.” [E&P]
  • High flying, adored The ubiquitous Greg Lindsay is even more intrepid a reporter than we thought: he is spending the next three weeks in airports and on planes for the special feature section “Airworld” for AdAge. He says airports and airplanes are like a “petri dish” for brands. That’s interesting. Those airport bathrooms are kind of like petri dishes themselves. In any case, fly safe and whatever you do, don’t eat the fish. And don’t call me Shirley. No stopping in the Red Zone. Okay, we’re done. [AdAge]
  • Public Eyes are watching you, they see your every move… Today saw the launch of the new CBS blog, “Public Eye” headed up by Vaughn Ververs (formerly of DC’s Hotline). Ververs’ extra eyes include Hillary Profita, formerly of “Nightline” and Brian Montopoli from CJR. [Public Eye]
  • “Who’s Johnny,” they’d say, and cross-examine him in that special way: There have got to be better quotes to kick off the Senate confirmation hearings for John G. Roberts, the President’s nominee for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but we can’t think of any. This? Or – gasp! – this? You don’t say.