The Reddit Guide to Fitness [Infographic]

2011 was a big year for Reddit.  Not only did its traffic surge, but it had quite a few cultural moments.  Whether it was powering the Occupy movement or selling a movie script, the network seems to be gaining power and influence daily.  It’s like the Godfather of social sharing sites.  So when I came across this Reddit guide to fitness, I knew I was in for something good.

The information on the Reddit guide to fitness comes from Reddit’s fitness subreddit, which consists of a fiercely devoted group of fitness enthusiasts who share their best information every day, and out of that mass of information, the most applauded rises to the top.  That’s why Reddit works, it’s a combination of the populist and the accurate, so in either case it will strike some chord within you — but you need to use your own personal filter to know what to take seriously.  Take a good look at this particular collection of Reddit advice and try to get off to a healthy New Year.