The Record Endorses Barack Obama…for President

Stockton, California’s Record, has according to them, only endorsed Republican candidates in the last 72 years. This year, however they are endorsing Senator Barack Hussein Obama.

Not that it means anything, because this little paper has been wrong a couple of times. The editors went back and looked at previous endorsements by the paper. And we love them for it:

» 2004: George W. Bush over John Kerry

Voters should re-elect Bush for four more years, in part because of his leadership under fire and in part because he recognizes that greatly expanding government’s role isn’t the answer to every problem.

Democrat John Kerry, polished, confident and convincing in the three presidential debates, fails to offer assurances on either front.

Gulp. And going even farther back:

1944: Thomas Dewey over Franklin Roosevelt

By temperament and experience, Thomas E. Dewey is fitted to bring the right leadership to Washington to deal with the difficult problems of readjustment. He is exceptionally well qualified to replace the entrenched regimes and supply the vigor, energy and thought to win the peace.