The Reason For The Season: Take An Unemployed Friend To Lunch

This is not a feel-good post, so skip it if you haven’t had your morning coffee. Really. Plus, at the bottom of it we are going to nag you, so if you don’t want to be nagged, scroll on by, buddy.

Unemployment sucks so hard. Being jobless makes a lot of people feel worthless (if your inner fiber doesn’t link your work life with your self-worth, you’re one in a million and we salute you), and when you feel down, it’s harder to get a job because nobody wants to hire a downer.

This week’s Ask The Headhunter newsletter took a somber turn: a reader of the newsletter, so distraught at his inability to land a job, just up and left in August; his body was found, an apparent suicide, two weeks ago.

Just ugh, ugh, ugh. Nick Corcodilos, the newsletter writer, suggests—and we completely agree—that especially this season when it seems like almost everyone is totally happy and peppy and everybody else is trying to get you to spend money you don’t have, it’d be a good gesture to take a jobless friend of yours to lunch. Just talk, and listen, and remind them through your presence that it will get better.

Even in a crap economy it only takes one yes to turn your life around. So be good to your friends & family members who may be feeling the stress of the great recession.

And if you yourself are unemployed, remember that one of the best ways to lift yourself up is to help someone even less fortunate.

Okay, no more browbeating. We return you to your regularly scheduled program of snark, doom & gloom, and job openings.