The Really Really First-Ever For-Women Radio

We didn’t say that the radio network being launched by Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem was the first-ever for women. But we did kind of imply it. Now, our satellite sister Kate Coe over at FishbowlLA has pointed out that the first all-women’s radio was way back in 1955, care of none other than Memphis’ Sam Phillips. Quothe a news report of the day, describing station WHER:

“The studio and offices have been feminized from front door to rear exit. The disc jockeys are called jockettes, the studio is known as the doll’s den, the control rooms are called playrooms, the hallway is mirrored, the equipment room has been decorated with murals depicting the evolution of feminine clothing, the stationery is perfumed, the advertisers are listed in a date book.”

Somehow we don’t imagine Steinem being all that enamored of the above description. But maybe the good ladies of Bitch wouldn’t mind.