The Real Value in Social Media For Businesses (Infographic)

Businesses are using social media but how well are they using it to connect with customers?

Social media has become an increasingly important part of marketing strategies for businesses big and small. B2B marketplace Expert Market wanted to find out how well businesses were integrating social into their marketing campaigns and whether or not those efforts are landing with consumers on social media.

No surprises here: Facebook is the most popular social network in the U.S. and the preferred social channel for small businesses. However, while most people are using YouTube and Twitter, businesses turn to LinkedIn after Facebook.

According to the study, businesses are confused about what to post on social media. While 71 percent of consumers say they follow businesses for promotions, 66 percent also said they follow to get updates on new products. Nearly half of all consumers connect with brands on social media for customer service.

Influencer marketing is the big new frontier in digital marketing, but there’s also power in uncommissioned user-generated content like customer reviews. With 61 percent of online consumers saying that reviews impact their purchasing decisions, Expert Market recommends businesses encourage customers to review recent purchases.

For more information on the value of social media for businesses check out the infographic below.

social-media-infographicTop image courtesy of Shutterstock.