The Real Reason John Cook Left Yahoo?

Yesterday, John Cook left Yahoo News (which he joined from Gawker in April) to…go back to Gawker.

Editor Andrew Golis said it was because “he decided that he prefers the license Gawker gave him to add his opinions into his reporting to the scale and credibility Yahoo! News could offer.”

Cook says that’s BS.

He told Jeff Bercovici at DailyFinance: “I really valued being able to write what I think without somebody worrying about whether it will upset somebody, or meets the sort of balancing test that newspapers apply to themselves.” He says he was muzzled, forced to change quotes to meet acceptability standards, and had a story about White House pay raises spiked for lack of balance.

Could this be the reason Cook left Yahoo after just six months? Could be; he also told Bercovici: “”I think Nick Denton is going to win the Internet.”