The Real Estalker: A Guided Tour of Gaudy


Perhaps this is just mindless gossipy drivel, but in that vein, we’ll take it over, say, those awful, awful sites you visit and those shows you watch and those magazines you read, but don’t ever admit to. It’s The Real Estalker, which gets images and info on celebrity houses that are up for sale or have recently been purchased, and we found by way of Chris Glass. While, frankly, we couldn’t care less about what houses Rosanne Barr is buying or selling, it’s still very interesting to see the interiors of these homes you’ll never be wealthy enough to own. When this writer lived in Phoenix, he had a friend who became a real estate agent and when we were bored, which was nearly every night, we’d take a map of the most expensive real estate in town where we knew people weren’t still living in, and we’d use his lock box key to just take tours of these multi-million dollar places. And we’ll say now after seeing the houses on this site what we said repeatedly when we were young punks looking at ultra-expensive houses: money rarely equals good taste. Go forth and witness the horrors therein.