The Ralph Lauren Polo Pony Will Be At the Olympics

We’re going to have a very stylish American Olympic team, what with their new uniforms designed by Ralph Lauren. That uniform is being modeled at left by the stunning swimmer Ryan Lochte. Normally, Lochte has his shirt off, like he does on this Vogue cover. But that’s not really pertinent to this story.

So Ralph Lauren is going to get some major exposure, right? That oversized polo pony logo will be all over all of our screens. The media coverage started with a segment on the TODAY show. Watch that after the jump.

“Ralph Lauren is claiming that its Olympic uniforms are a ‘very classic, very elegant’ return to tradition,” the Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy blog writes. “…Except those huge logos—a Big-Gulp-sized version of the demur small Polo pony—void all claims to classicism or elegance.”

Also, here’s something dumb.

Fox & Friends did a segment today about the new Olympic team uniforms, which you see are topped off with jaunty berets. So, of course, Fox & Friends decided to question whether this is American enough. (Scroll down to the bottom clip to watch the madness.) Emails from viewers reminded the hosts that members of the American military have been known to wear berets.

Before that could happen though, Steve Doocey asked what he called “the big question”: “Should the American team be wearing a beret?” Gretchen Carlson also chimed in with this linguistic bombshell: “And you have to pronounce it that way because that’s the French way.”

Well, no. Because this is the United States of America and not socialist France, you could pronounce it like “barrette.” You can even say it in between recitations of the “Pledge of Allegiance.” But that would make you look like an ass.

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