The Ragin’ Cajun Judge?

James Carville films pilot for a courtroom show, and it's spectacular...

James Carville, the new Judge Judy?

The Clinton strategist and political pundit has apparently filmed a pilot episode for a new courtroom show, aptly named “Carville’s Court” — and it’s everything you could’ve hoped for. First reported by Politico on Friday afternoon, the reality show features small claims cases in New Orleans in which the Ragin’ Cajun offers both “legal rulings and moral advice.”

“I’m bringing that same no-nonsense common sense to every day Americans, people from all over America who come to New Orleans, my home turf,” says Carville in the pilot’s teaser. “This courtroom is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on TV, and so am I. So get ready for some plain spoken justice and a whole lot of Cajun common sense.”

Tragically, the reality show is “not a go right now,” according to a phone conversation between Carville and Politico.

“We shot a pilot for something we thought we might want to try, there’s nothing more complicated to it,” Carville said. “It was decided not to bring it to TV.”

Lucky for you, however, the pilot episode is available online. So, enjoy the TV magic that is “Carville’s Court.”

Check out the pilot via Vimeo.

CARVILLE’S COURT CC Master V3 110114 h264 from BLP on Vimeo.

[h/t Politico]